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Central Bank Digital Currency

 The convenience  that will enslave humanity.



 drone footage  of an avalanche. 


Robert Kennedy Jr.

Robert Kennedy Jr. is currently running for president of the United States as a Democrat.

He’s widely known as the son of Robert Kennedy and the nephew of President John F. Kennedy.  He’s probably less known for his opposition to the way the Corona virus was dealt with and is particularly concerned about negative side effects from the Corona Virus “vaccine” (so-called) — and the overuse of some vaccines in general. He’s also not a groveling fan of the deep state (like many idiots in public life). 

In many ways, Kennedy is a conventional Democrat — from thirty years ago. He can accurately be called “liberal” and sees a significant role for the government in addressing environmental and social issues. Before anyone thinks him a pseudo-MAGA candidate, they should be aware that he enthusiastically supported both Hillary Clinton and Soviet (Bernie) Sanders.  

This article    offers some reasonable skepticism for anyone who may think that Kennedy is a conservative.

 Though he’s not a conservative,  his views are not completely in line with the neo-Marxist clique that now dominates Democrat politics. He is an individual that one can disagree with yet not be in fear of his gutting the American constitution (as is currently being done by whoever is running the Biden show and the Garland “justice” department). 

Like most Democrats of old, Kennedy doesn’t hate America and doesn’t demand that massive changes occur to “fundamentally transform America” (a concept famously brought to America by Barack Obama). 

The Democrat establishment hates this man.  When he announced his candidacy, they pounced on him immediately, with considerable assistance from the Democrats’ propaganda arms in establishment media.  The leftist coup-brigade actually supports the dusty puppet, Biden, over the thought of letting another populist hold authority over the deep state machine.  Of course, a populist can be on either side of the political spectrum (remember that “Bernie” was cheated from his likily nomination so the deep state could coronate Queen Hillary).

The likes of Wikipedia label Robert Kennedy Jr. a conspiracy theorist because he’s not on board with constitution-trashing globalists and because he’s blunt and honest about the scheming corruptions perpetrated by the Corona con.  (Of course, Wikipedia applies the “conspiracy theorist” lable to anyone right of center on any issue). One should consider that, when a public figure or institution is labled a “conspiracy theorist,” they probably espouse something that’s at least worthy of investigation. While the “climate” issue has been a big deal for Kennedy, he appears to be realizing that  it’s being used  as the Corona scam was used to simply facilitate the globalist mission. (*I should clarify that I believe there was a Corona virus and that it resulted in the deaths of many people but, beyond that, circumstances surrounding it, government responses, and media responses to it simply facillitated a thousand-and-one statist cons). 

Given genuinely free elections, Kennedy would have a chance of becoming the Democrat’s nominee and potentially President-elect in 2024.  Virtually no one (who is sane and objective) wants Biden or his inept side-kick, Kamala Harris.  The deep-statists need a new puppet but Kennedy clearly isn’t the compliant globalist they’re seeking.

We can probably speculate as to what the CIA and associated minions thought of Robert Kennedy’s uncle (and consider as to how much they may have demonstrated their non-approval). 

At this point in America’s history, millions of voters are aware of how corrupted the election process is.  Americans are overwhelmingly in favor of paper ballots, showing an ID, and knowing who the winners are the evening of an election.  Safe, simple, and honest election procedure is not “voter supression” and any procedure that muddles the process should be looked upon with warranted suspicion. Even suggesting that elections be held on a specific day, that people — with appropriate exceptions — vote in person on paper, and show a valid ID, is attacked by the Democrat establishment for reasons that are obvious.

We can be fairly certain that anyone who isn’t on board with Agenda 2030 or the goals of Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, et al. is not going to waltz easily into the Whie House just because a majority of voters or electoral votes want them there.

If one really cares about the U.S., it’s constitution, and a world where freedom can flourish, they’ll support any brand of populism over the uniparty’s continued “slouching toward Bethlehem.” Robert Kennedy Jr. would not be my first choice in the 2024 election but he’s worth considering when one appraises most of the alternatives. 

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The Parade of

 incompetent radicals.


The very embodiment of


Sunday, May 28, 2023



 This is full of noteworthy information, especially the second half.  A very well-done presentation of facts that should infuriate any sane person.


For Your Viewing Pleasure

This is really funny— if you haven’t yet seen it.

It’s certainly dated but depicts the difference between an American Navy recruitment ad and a Japanese Navy recruitment ad.  While the initial example is funny, the juxtaposition of audio is screaming hilarious.

Of course, now the differences are automatically juxtaposed with a multi-sexual parade in America’s armed forces having decimated recruitment levels.

The “Mars” archetype is a valid expression of real-world circumstance.  Every nation with anything worth preserving requires some kind of defense mechanism — and drag shows, critical race theory, and “pride” events ain’t it. 

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 What a coup d' etat really looks like.

Wednesday, May 24, 2023


The Deliberate Undermining of American Soverignty

 Some valid cause for complaint


Right Wing Extremism

 once more rears it’s ugly — imaginary — head.

If “white supremacy” was such a problem you’d think that the Biden administration wouldn’t need to keep inventing it. 


 The Bad Memories of History

Tuesday, May 23, 2023


Stranger than fiction…

 Modern educashun

Friday, May 19, 2023


The New Democrat-State Alliance to Upend America’s Constitution

Absolutely amazing!  Democrats consistently opposing exposure  of obvious serious wrongdoing by an overzealous state that has harassed and sought to punish innocent Americans.  Beyond shameful.

Democrats are a clique of authoritarian collectivists allied with a powerful state and subversive global interests.

In a nutshell…

Wednesday, May 17, 2023


“Prefered” (Demanded) Pronouns. The Pinnacle of Nonsense in Our Time.

Imagine how utterly stupid it would be if we told people that, whenever refering to us, one must use the adjectives, “amazing”and “wonderful” or, if upon introduction, we went into a detailed description of how we like our chicken cooked.

The cultural left’s latest exercise in absurd excess has absolutely no following outside of academia and power centers in government and the corporate world (and other institutions of establishment leftism like public education). 

Imagine introducing yourself to a farmer at a hardware store in a small town in Kansas and telling them your “pronouns are Zee and Zir,” or some other concocted lable on a complex grid of linguistic absurdity.

Next, the cultural Bolsheviks will no doubt be demanding that we refer to each other as “comrade” — it’s been done before. 

Gaining control of basic human behaviors like language usage and sexuality are a simple means to power and authority over others. In every insightful dystopian novel, the oppressive authority-structure has sought to control language and all intimate human interactions.  

The people obsessed with this pronoun nonsense — like every collectivist extremist — are simple control freaks.  Their scheme is also useful in further obfuscating reality. If anyone has ever waded through Post-modern philosophy mind-fucks or related academic labyrinths, the scheme is obvious when someone is trying to convince you that 2+2 really isn’t four — and the “emperor’s new clothes” are stunning. 

In regard to current multi-sexuality crusades, the clowns of academic chaos would have us believe that their motives are to create a more tolerant and freer world when in fact, their actions are no more than another command to adopt the latest compliance to faux rebellion.

These people are not rebels seeking a more just world where citizens can live in accordance with their own proclivities and consciousness. As is usual with this crowd, their goal is mere obedience in an ugly world of contrivance and sterile conformity. 

Let’s keep it simple and leave out detailed monikers that denote one’s style of erotic acrobatics.  If you really wish to avoid offending some freak, you can say, “that person over there” — of course that will only work if they still “identify” as a person. 

Tuesday, May 16, 2023


The Durham Report isn’t Getting Much Play in the Establishment Media

 Go figure….

James Woods take on the issue

Sunday, May 14, 2023


State Media

 covers for treason.  The same lying lapdogs who continue to completely fabricate nonexistent corruption by Donald Trump.  Beyond pathetic.


“Huddled Masses”

 A succinct and insightful appraisal  of immigration history in the U.S. 

Friday, May 12, 2023


CNN, the Most Pathetic and Dishonest Name in State Media

(My response to Anderson Cooper’s absurd partisan sour grapes)

Wow!  Talk about delusional.  After all these years, the state / Democrat propaganda arm  still doesn’t get it.  

The perpetual whine about “[Trump’s] lies” with no verified honest examples of “lies.”  (While letting the daily lies of the Biden administration go unchecked).  

Lots of people feel the 2020 election was stolen and there are numerous verifiable example of methods used to do so (e.g. censoring any information regarding the Hunter Biden laptop). Hillary Clinton thought her election was stolen but you gave her and other Democomms a pass on that issue. 

We are allowed to question election results and Democrats usually have, up to Trump’s win.

“[Trump’s] a Threat to our democracy,”  after Biden and Garlands non-stop assaults on any one who opposes them?  Sending SWAT teams to a former president’s home over classified paper disputes — an identical scenario Joe Biden is “guilty” of. That’s not a threat to “our democracy”?

How has Donald Trump “threatened democracy?”  Fulfilling his role as president in securing our borders? Is that your “threat to our democracy?” 

He called the person who killed Ashly Babbit a “thug.” You’re the ones who seem to think the incident was related to race. He called MS-13 members “animals” too — something you deceptively spun as, “he called immigrants animals.”

The more you continue to lie about Trump and the more you project your clear disregard for our constititional freedoms, the greater chance Trump will have to “Make America Great Again.”

How utterly clueless can you be? (It sounds like Anderson Cooper is still working with the CIA).

Thursday, May 11, 2023



 This  is what honest and professional journalism looks like.  (Notice that most establishment media sources are effectively keeping this story under wraps).


A Heliograph / Photogravre Print by Franz Von Bayros — Viennese, 1920s



Leftist Globalism

 Off the deep end.  The normalization of the sick and deranged. The quick road from “tolerance” to aggressive advocacy. 

Tuesday, May 09, 2023


Music Supremacy…

 I think I posted this before but it’s always good no matter how many times you watch it. 

Monday, May 08, 2023



By gender  What could go wrong?



Fortunately, for the history of art and culture,  quality and beauty  always returns after brief exercises in posing nonsense.  (If you don’t have time for the entire piece, at least begin at the 4:50 point).  

Ridley Scott chose to use this piece at the end credits of “Alien.”  It May have seemed an odd choice but audiences immediately noticed when an outstanding piece of music was presented to them. 

Sunday, May 07, 2023


An absolutely excellent analysis of

 the Great Reset

Saturday, May 06, 2023


 Nailed it.


Trillions of dollars, reduced standards of living, and submission to global authoritarian government…

 Why exactly?

The stuff they don’t want you to see / The stuff they don’t want you to know. 

Thursday, May 04, 2023


The Sorry State of “Capitalism”

In a capitalist system, the “bottom line” is…the bottom line.  Capitalists don’t care about or promote academic theories and worldviews.  

You know that socialism has made significant inroads when corporations prioritize trendy ideals over practical success. 

Tuesday, May 02, 2023


Tucker Carlson

 and why Donald Trump was elected .

There are several speeches by Tucker Carlson that one can find on platforms like YouTube — they’re all good.  After a few minutes of warm up he really gets going — spontaneous, unscripted, funny, and brilliant.

This one is particularly interesting as he insightfully describes why Donald Trump has the following he has.  The elite clique of insiders could definitely learn something from Tucker’s appraisal.

Monday, May 01, 2023


“Debatable” issues

 Somehow the most absurd and obvious issues have become debatable.  But, ironically, …we’re not allowed to debate them. 


“Expert” Opinion

Even in the most rigorous attempts at analysis, academics and intellectuals bring their worldviews along with them when espousing their insights.  Like anyone else, they typically begin their appraisals with preconceptions and biases. In spite of impressive credentials, It’s difficult to truly arrive at completely honest and unbiased conclusions. For the layman and casual observer, the best we can do is to appraise a variety of contending viewpoints and apply our knowledge of human nature and historical precedent.  

As long as we rely solely on “expert” analysis, we’ll continue to fall victim to demands for compliance to establishment dictates regarding bogus vaccine mandates, looming ice ages or global warming, or a host of other real, embellished, or concocted horrors ultimately designed to compel obedience.

This is not to say that every investigator has a personal political axe to grind. Certainly there are people who are experts in their field who are seeking higher truths.  The burden in this circumstance ultimately lies with the common observer who, more often than not, fully accepts what they are told by a media certified “expert.”  In this skewed world, the BBC, Wikipedia, and the Southern Poverty Law Center have the final say on truth.  They tout themselves as voices of moderation.  There are many observers who actually believe that they occupy the “center” of political discourse because they watch the BBC or PBS et al. Opposing views are labled “misinformation,””conspiracy theories,” or, — my favorite — “dangerous.” 

As usual, the real threats come from those seeking power and imposing rigid ideological schemes. Their appraisals being a mere afterthought in support of conformity. 

There are certainly experts that address practical issues and are thus less prone to spinning theory to their liking.  Expertise plus media is a different thing though.  It’s sometimes laughable when one sees the former expert advisors to past administrations that CNN is able to dredge up from academia. New York Times economist Paul Krugman told us that Donald Trump would cause a depression — opps, ‘got that wrong.  Of course every academic, regardless of their area of “expertise,” is an expert on Climate Change.  Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen (an “expert”) tells is inflation is transitory and having an abortion is one method of dealing with the issue (yes, she actually said that). 

There has always been a conflict between the intellectual caste, common citizens, and citizens of commerce.  Free society allows for variety, innovation, and advancement.  People are free to consume or reject ideas and information sources as they see fit.  Rigid systems of top-down control inevitably leads to stasis, decline, and meaningless lives of toil and unhappiness.  From Plato’s “Guardians” to the World Health Organization (a lapdog of the Chinese Communist Party), the elite’s goals have always been the reining in of what some now call “useless eaters.”  If one listens to the likes of current communists in government today (“AOC,” et al.), anyone who is even vaguely conservative is fair game for arrest and punishment.  Almost all firing squad systems began this way.  Fervent ideologues morph quickly into punitive state actors once power is fully achieved.

Free-market society is often accused of fermenting meaninglessness and sterile materialism but wasting one’s life choices it’s not the fault of freedom itself.  Why should anyone be deprived of interests or creative expression merely because there are others with few interests or lack of desire to create? Should artists be deprived a canvass because their neighbor would use the same liberties to stuff themselves with junk food in front of a television screen? Freedom needs to be a standard across the board. The fact that there are some who fail to utilize their freedoms or benefit from them is no cause for depriving others of free volition.   

A host of new expert arbitrators have emerged in the internet era; partisan “fact checkers,” opinion pollsters, and Wikipedia.  The last noted “information source” is quite useful when looking for quick information on artists, composers, or mundane geographical knowledge.  Wikipedia’s take on anything controversial is laughable.  Any person, event, or institution that is even slightly conservative is typically branded as “far right,” “alt-right,” or a “conspiracy theorist.”  Not so for anyone on the extreme left. They are politely labeled “left-leaning” or “progressive” (the left’s favored self description for anyone from busy-bodies to communist autocrats).

In the end, it’s useful to give knowledgable people a hearing. Fortunately not everyone is a partisan hack, though these days such people seem to show up often in establishment media.  Healthy skepticism has always been a reasonable thing to have when seeking something akin to the truth.  Now more than ever it’s beneficial to “consider the source” of information.  Not every expert is an academic snake oil salesman but not every expert offers the final word on truth either. 


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